About Us

What is PinoyInvestor?

PinoyInvestor is your ultimate resource for making smart stock investment decisions in the Philippines. Why? Because it is the country’s one-stop portal for insightful research, analyses, and recommendations about the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) primarily catering to individual investors like you.

At PinoyInvestor, our goal is to help you make smart and profitable stock market trades.

We give you exclusive access to extensive amount of information for over 100++ Philippine stocks and the latest stock market reports every trading day. These are prepared by our partner brokerage firms who have been in the stock market industry for a combined 100++ years!

PinoyInvestor consolidates all these information into one user-friendly portal unmatched by any other resource targeted to retail Filipino investors. Our reports include:

  • Stock Rankings — a ranking of PSE-traded stocks which can be sorted based on number of Buy, Hold, and Sell recommendations, Average Target Price, Potential Profit, and more;
  • Technicals Talk — a collection of technical analysis reports showing short-term trend analysis and latest Support, Resistance, and Chart Patterns;
  • Stocks in Focus — a collection of fundamental analysis reports showing the stock’s Target Price, Buy, Hold, or Sell recommendation, and analysis and justification for such recommendation;
  • Special Reports and Commentaries — extensive analyses on Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and market-moving economic or company events, normally for exclusive access only to clients of our partner brokerage firms;
  • Stock Picks and Model Portfolios — include our partner brokers’ stock picks and recommended stock portfolios, normally for exclusive access only to clients of our partner brokerage firms;
  • PSE Market Outlook — summarize our partner brokers’ analysis of the expected short-term movement of the Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi). This report primarily relies on Technical Analysis and may be useful to short-term or day traders.
  • Free Reports — stock analyses, commentaries, and equity research reports that you can access for free.
  • and much, much more!

Who are PinoyInvestor’s partner brokerage firms?

PinoyInvestor partners only with licensed stock brokerage companies in the Philippines. They are registered with and accredited by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). Our partner brokers have a combined 100++ years of expertise in the Philippine stock market industry and have gone through all several boom and bust cycles.

Click here to know more about our partner brokers.

How can PinoyInvestor make me a smarter investor?

Our mission is to help Filipinos become intelligent, independent, and responsible stock market investors.

We desire for Filipinos to not blindly follow self-proclaimed “gurus” (especially those on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media) who may have their own hidden agenda when making recommendations. We also do not want to box and dictate recommendations to investors (like dictated Buy Below Prices or forced Buy/Sell orders). We understand that to be truly intelligent and independent stock investors, you must possess the flexibility to decide your trading strategy.

How do we aim to achieve these?

By providing you with credible stock market research, analyses, and recommendations prepared by top stock brokerage firms in the Philippines. We have the widest reach of intelligent information about the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) because we have partnered not just with one, but several licensed stock brokerage firms with decades of experience and expertise. Whether you’re a long-term investor, day trader, or short-term investor, you can rely on PinoyInvestor to provide you useful, insightful, and timely reports.

In the end, we want you to possess the capability to make your own smart investment decisions.

Is PinoyInvestor free?

PinoyInvestor offers a Free Subscription Plan, helpful for those who want to try out PinoyInvestor first and get a peek of what we have to offer. Take note though that the information received by Free subscribers is greatly limited compared to what our Premium subscribers receive every week.

Our Premium Access members get full and unlimited access to all stock reports, including Stock Rankings, Technicals Talk, Stocks in Focus, Stock Picks and Model Portfolios, Special Reports and Commentaries, Dividends Update, PSE Market Outlook, and more.

Feel free to first try out PinoyInvestor for free, but to truly take advantage of PinoyInvestor, we invite you to upgrade to Premium Access. Our best-value Premium Access subscription translates to a cost of P399 per month — equivalent to just 2 cups of Starbucks coffee every month!

Can I earn money with PinoyInvestor?

Yup! PinoyInvestor has a rewarding affiliate marketing program that can earn you as much as P1,300 instantly for every member you refer to a Premium Access subscription.

Several of our members already earn thousands of pesos of passive income every month. Once a Premium Access member has signed up using your affiliate link, you will continue to earn the monthly commission month after month after month — even if you are not a Premium Access member.

We provide you tools to easily share PinoyInvestor reports with your unique affiliate link. When you share your affiliate link (on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else) and a person signs up to a Premium subscription using your link, we will reward you with up to P1,300 cash every time!

Login to the Members Area and click the “Affiliate Info” tab to access your unique affiliate link and affiliate marketing tools to help you earn monthly passive referral commissions.

How do I contact PinoyInvestor?

Feel free to contact us via our online Helpdesk. Just login to your account and click the “Helpdesk” tab.