Our Partner Brokers

Angping & Associates Securities, Inc.

Tel.: (632) 8848-2915 | Email: angping.online@angping.com.ph

Angping & Associates Securities, Inc. (AASI) is a full-service stock brokerage firm in the Philippines offering a wide array of client services and support products. The company is one of the leading stock brokerages in the country as it has consistently ranked among the top brokers in terms of turnover since its inception. Guided by its mission to increase the number of Filipinos investing in the Philippine stock market, AASI offered online brokerage services to widen its reach and increase the accessibility of its services to Filipinos around the world. The company offers services like online trading, trading via traditional brokers, and provision of various research reports. Know more about them on their website and social media pages below.

AB Capital Securities, Inc.

Tel.: (632) 8898-7555 | Email: customerservice@abcapital.com.ph

AB Capital Securities, Inc. (ABCSI), formerly Anscor Hagedorn Securities, Inc. or AHSI, has long been one of the Philippines’ leading stock brokerage firms. Today it takes pride in being one of the pioneers in online stock trading. With over thirty years of industry presence, ABCSI has become a major player in the Philippine financial markets. The firm consistently ranks among the country’s top brokerages in terms of turnover. Also, the company took the lead in today’s Information Age, being among the first local brokerages to offer online stock trading via the Internet. ABCSI’s online trading facility allows the investor himself to buy or sell any stock listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) using his personal computer. Know more about them on their website and social media pages below.

First Metro Securities, Inc.

Tel.: (632) 8859-0600 | Email: customerservice@firstmetrosec.com.ph

First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation, or FirstMetroSec, is a stockbrokerage house licensed to trade in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). Our company is wholly-owned by First Metro Investment Corporation (FMIC), the investment banking arm of the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank). At FirstMetroSec, we strive to provide our clients with easy and convenient access to the listed securities in the PSE, coupled with timely and accurate market research, as well as investor education programs. By fulfilling this mission, we hope to provide equal investment opportunities for all Filipinos. Know more about them on their website and social media pages below.

F. Yap Securities, Inc. / 2TradeAsia.com

Tel.: (632) 8856-7680 | Email: info@2tradeasia.com

Yapster e-Trade, Inc., through its website, www.2TradeAsia.com, is the online arm of F. Yap Securities, Inc. The company was granted pioneer status by the Board of Investments on February 2001 as the first in the Philippines to provide a complete solution that integrates trading, financial planning and portfolio management capabilities online. 2TradeAsia provides the following online services: Internet-based stock market trading; Real-time ticker and quotes; Philippine and international news; Daily, weekly and quarterly market commentary and outlook; Corporate features; and Portfolio and account management. Know more about them on their website and social media pages below.

Regina Capital Development Corporation

Tel.: (632) 8848-5482 to 84 | Email: rcdc@reginacapital.com

Regina Capital Development Corporation (RCDC) started its operations on December 10, 1989. Its performance has been based primarily on the reputation, expertise and experience of the people behind the company. All Key Management Team have more than 35 years experience in the stock market while its competent officers have unique business backgrounds, including private equity, mutual funds, and hedge funds. It is because of them that the organization can boast of a credible track record of more than 20 years of successful operation. Know more about them on their website and social media pages below.

HDI Securities, Inc.

Tel.: (632) 8687-7955 | Email: info@hdisecurities.com

HDI Securities, Inc. is the stock brokerage subsidiary of HDI Family of Companies, a Singaporean-owned regional group of companies. In operations since 1992, it has been awarded as the Fastest-growing, Foreign-owned Brokerage House by the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) and is currently ranked amongst the top 25% brokerage firms. With over two decades of service, HDI Securities, Inc. brings people, capital and ideas together to help enrich the lives of our clients and the communities we serve. Our aim is to help our clients find opportunities for growth. We provide investment insights, strategies and services to a wide range of clients, from individuals to institutions, helping them protect and grow their capital to meet their long-term financial goals. We offer both traditional & online trading platforms, and market research tools so our clients can trade with confidence. Our success is evidenced by our many long-term relationship clientele base. Know more about them on their website and social media pages below.

RCBC Securities, Inc.

Tel.: (632) 8894-9000 local 1681

RCBC Securities, Inc. (RSEC) is the stockbrokerage unit of Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC), the Philippines’ 5th largest private commercial bank and a member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies. RCBC Securities is a 100%-owned subsidiary of RCBC Capital Corporation, which in turn is 100%-owned by RCBC. RSEC has been in the stockbrokerage business for almost 4 decades, having started in 1973. In 1999, RSEC became the first bank-owned stockbrokerage in the Philippines to offer an online stock trading service through RCBC eztrade. Know more about them on their website below.