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How to earn P400,000+ with PinoyInvestor’s referral program

UPDATE (December 2019): We have an ongoing discount promo bringing down the price of our 1-Year Premium Access subscription to its lowest ever! Simply input the code CHRISTMAS2019 in the “Enter coupon code” field when you choose [Subscription Plan 1] * 1-Year Premium Access * to pay only PHP 3,999.00 instead of the full price […]

The all-new PinoyInvestor: Easier, faster, better — for smart stock investors!

Get ready for the best PinoyInvestor yet. To further our vision of helping you make smart investment decisions, we have completely overhauled how PinoyInvestor works. Starting June 22, PinoyInvestor will become a 100% web-based portal that will serve as the most extensive yet easy-to-use repository of the most relevant stock analyses, research, and special reports from the Philippines’ top stock brokers!

How to Perform Online Fund Transfers to Pay for Your Premium Access subscription

Without a doubt, paying bills, goods, and services is a lot more convenient when done online. In this day and age, you can do this while in front of your computer, at the comfort of your own home or while at work. Thus, it comes to no surprise to us that a lot of PinoyInvestor […]

FREE Fundamental Analysis: PNB and PCOR (UPDATE: Also CEB!)

UPDATE: The PinoyInvestor Midweek Report was released earlier today (05 Feb 2013) and it also shows a FREE Fundamental Analysis of Cebu Air, Inc. (CEB)! So when you SIGN UP to PinoyInvestor for FREE, you’ll also get the Fundamental Analysis of CEB, aside from the ones you’ll see below!   World-renowned value investor Peter Lynch […]

FREE Technical Analysis: Nickel Asia Corp. (NIKL)

In the January 15, 2014 issue of the Midweek Report, not only did we share a Special Report on which stocks could provide superior returns in 2014, but we also featured the Technical Analysis of these stocks: And in this PinoyInvestor News Post, we’re showing you the Technical Analysis of NIKL for FREE! Check it out […]

Special Report: Which PSE stocks could provide superior returns in 2014?

Smart stock market investors look for two things when picking superior stocks: HIGH GROWTH PROSPECTS and STRONG CASH DIVIDENDS. High growth prospects relate to the appreciation of a stock’s price. This can be due to positive developments concerning the earnings of a company or simply, a stock returning to its fair price after being previously undervalued […]

The 3 main Investment Strategies and how to know which one is best for you

Want to know how most investors lose money in the stock market? It can actually be seen in a lot of conversations in Facebook groups dedicated to stock market trading and investing. It typically goes like this: Jose: Lost 15% in URC in just 3 weeks. Guys, akala ko ba it was a good buy? 🙁 Mario: It […]

To know which stocks to invest in, know first your Investment Objective

Oftentimes, we encounter a lot of people asking this question when it comes to stock trading: What stock should I buy? Most of the time, new or aspiring stock traders post this question on various Facebook groups, hoping to elicit a response from veterans. This question is common because people believe that a stock that […]

Special Report: How to Group PSE Stocks to Achieve your Investment Goals!

Pretty much all of the most intelligent investors in the world group stocks according to certain characteristics. The likes of Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch organize stocks into groups because this produces the following benefits: Thus, in the latest PinoyInvestor Stocks Report, we discussed six (6) groupings of Philippine stocks, based on the categorization developed by […]

Protected: Omeng’s Interview Questions

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