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  • Top Stock Picks

    Top Stock Picks

    Want to buy stocks with the highest upside potential? Get to know the most coveted top stock picks of not just one, but several of the Philippines' best brokerage firms to maximize your profits!

  • Buy/Sell/Hold Reco's

    Buy/Sell/Hold Reco's

    Which stocks are recommended by all brokers that you buy? That you sell? See their consensus Buy/Sell/Hold recommendations to make more profitable and less risky trades!

  • Blue Chip or Speculative

    Blue Chip or Speculative

    Want to invest in stable blue chips OR riskier but high-yielding stocks? Whichever you prefer is fine because you'll always get 3 sets of stock picks: PSE Index, Growth/Value, and Speculative Stock Picks!

  • Target Prices

    Target Prices

    Not only will you get our expert brokers’ stock picks, you’ll also see these stocks’ target prices! Know their fair value so you can buy and sell at the right price!

  • Stock in Focus

    Stock in Focus

    Get stock analysis, reports, and recommendations suited for long-term investing! See our partner brokers' Fundamental Analysis on A LOT of PSE stocks every week.

  • Technicals Talk

    Technicals Talk

    Want short-term trading over long-term investing? Check out our partner brokers’ technical analysis, support/resistance levels, and chart pattern analysis on the PSEi and PSE stocks!

  • PinoyInvestor Academy

    PinoyInvestor Academy

    Continuously make better investments! Get FREE access to ALL our educational materials on stock market investing in the PinoyInvestor Academy!

  • Make Money!

    Make Money!

    Share PinoyInvestor to friends and earn money! We’ll reward you up to P500.00 outright commission for every person you refer to a Premium Access subscription!

  • Earn Passive Income!

    Earn Passive Income!

    On top of the outright commission, earn P100.00 month after month every time your referred affiliate renews subscription! That's passive income for you!

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Since becoming a member, I have profited more than P25,000 in realized gains. The analysis of your several partner brokers indeed is an advantage compared to the single analysis from a broker. Also, I have about P40,000 in unrealized/paper gain, so double thanks to you, PinoyInvestor team!
Dennis A.
Dennis A.
Premium Access subscriber
Wow! So this is what it feels like to always have so much information about stocks! Ang daming natututunan, especially Stock in Focus and the Special Report. I love Premium Access ah. Buti nalang I upgraded talaga!
Sarah C.
Sarah C.
Premium Access subscriber
I am now on my 3rd month on stock market investing and I am glad that despite being a newbie, I have managed to be still on the positive side by just reading through and making decision based on the available information that you made available to me! I hope to learn more.
Carlo R.
Carlo R.
Premium Access subscriber

Thank you! I am using your tools to learn more and not just reading the recommended signals. Please keep up the good work. coz you are really doing a great job po. More power po!
 Jeanette A.
Jeanette A.
Premium Access subscriber

I think PinoyInvestor is relevant and useful not like other newsletters that only focus on Blue Chips.
Premium Access subscriber

Actually, OK po siya. I never thought I would learn so much about stocks! Buti nalang free yung resources sa Academy hehe.
Richard O.
Richard O.
Free Version subscriber

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