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You asked for more improvements and benefits from the PinoyInvestor Stocks Report. And now, here they are, all under the new and improved PinoyInvestor 2.0!

Thank you very much to everyone who responded to our 2-minute Customer Feedback Survey! With your inputs, we have made even more significant improvements to PinoyInvestor that will greatly benefit you and ALL our members! Please allow us to enumerate them here:



The previous Blue Chip Stock Picks section is now divided into two: the first-liners (PSE index Blue Chip Stock Picks) and the second-liners (Growth/Value Stock Picks). Your responses in our Customer Feedback Survey show that many of you prefer to invest in stable and reliable companies. These companies may be grouped into two: first-liners and second-liners stocks, thus starting this issue, we are giving you more stock picks!

The PSE index Blue Chip Stock Picks contains first-liner stocks that typically surge in price during the first wave of a stock market boom. This happens because when foreign funds come in, they are usually limited to buying PSE index stocks, thus, the first-liners are the first ones to enjoy a price increase.

Blue chip

Once these stocks stabilize, it is now the turn of the second-liners to enjoy a surge. These second-liners are summarized in our Growth/Value Stock Picks representing companies with high potential for growth or are relatively undervalued. Please do not forget: Both the PSE index Blue Chip and Non-PSE index Value Stock Picks are still intended for mid- to long-term investing!

Growth stocks


In the beginning of every Stocks Report issue, we will be highlighting our expert partner brokers’ Market Outlook for the coming week! Do they see the PSEi going up this week? Down? Range trade? Why? Get to know their analysis here!

market outlook

Take note that this outlook is primarily based on Technical Analysis and may be relevant only to short-term traders. Long-term investors may still consider this information but should remember that this is short-term in nature and may not necessarily impact their overall investing strategy.


We listened to your feedback asking for more information about our partner brokers’ Stock Picks. This is why we have beefed up our Stock in Focus section! Expect more comprehensive analyses, company updates, and detailed broker recommendations of not just one, but several featured stocks every week!

stock in focus 1 stock in focus 2

In addition, we will also show even more information in our Technicals Talk section! Expect to see charts of stocks (like the one below) which show chart patterns, support/resistance lines, volume readings, and more!



We have several more improvements in the pipeline so watch out for these in the coming weeks! If you have more comments and suggestions, feel free to answer our 2-minute Customer Feedback Survey.

Rest assured that we will continue to listen to you as we make PinoyInvestor your best resource for making smart and profitable stock investment decisions! 

Happy investing!


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Gusto ko yung dami ng reports, merong fundamental analysis saka technical analysis. The market commentaries are also helpful for me to understand what's going on in the PSE and how these will affect my stock investments. More power!

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Thanks for all the info you send. Your inputs are very valuable and help lessen my fear about the stock market. Keep up the good work! PinoyInvestor is surely a great help to your subscribers, me in particular.

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Hindi pa po ako makapag-upgrade kasi nag-iipon pa, but thank you for the free reports, especially the PSE Outlook reports which I read every day! Laki ng tulong bago ako mag-start ng trading. Salamat po!

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