Ultimate PinoyInvestor Year-End Gadget Giveaway: FINAL RESULTS!

Congratulations to all winners!

Here’s the final Leaderboard showing the TOP 10 WINNERS who won an iPad Mini, thousands of pesos worth of gift certificates, and PinoyInvestor Premium Access subscriptions!

We have already contacted all winners, including those not in the Top 10 above. Send us a note asap so we can deliver your prizes to you soon! If you are eligible to receive any prize but did not hear from us, send us a message via the Members Area Helpdesk.

We want to hear your thoughts regarding the Ultimate PinoyInvestor Gadgets Giveaway! Do you want us to continue offering this promo next year? How can we further improve this contest? What other prizes do you want to receive?

Tell us via the Helpdesk in the PinoyInvestor Members Area! If you will send in your comments and suggestions, we will reward you with EXCLUSIVE and EARLY announcements about our future contests and promos!

Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! And congratulations again to all winners!

More awesome contests coming to you next year! Keep subscribed to PinoyInvestor!


Running from October 16 to December 15, 2013, the “Ultimate PinoyInvestor Year-End Gadget Giveaway” awards gadgets and prizes to ALL members of PinoyInvestor. The prizes you will get for FREE will depend on how many NEW or First-Time Premium Access subscribers you refer throughout the giveaway’s duration!

Would you like to win the new iPhone 5S for FREE? How about a Samsung Galaxy S4? Maybe iPads? Or THOUSANDS of pesos worth of shopping  Gift Certificates at Ayala or SM malls?

As we draw near the close of 2013, we have prepared a HUGE giveaway for amazing PinoyInvestor members like you!

This is our Christmas-y way of thanking and giving back to our best affiliate marketers who have been instrumental in helping PinoyInvestor grow and improve over the past months.

Take note, this is NOT a raffle! We will NOT be randomly choosing winners — instead ALL members of PinoyInvestor have a chance to win ALL these exciting prizes!

PinoyInvestor Referral Giveaway 3

The Ultimate PinoyInvestor Year-End Gadget Giveaway

Running from October 16 to December 15, 2013, the “Ultimate PinoyInvestor Year-End Gadget Giveaway” awards gadgets and prizes to ALL members of PinoyInvestor. The prizes you will get for FREE will depend on how many NEW or First-Time Premium Access subscribers you refer throughout the giveaway’s duration!

Simply put, the more NEW Premium Access members you refer, the more awesome your FREE prizes! And did we tell you you can win not just one, not two, but ALL the gadgets and gift certificates?

Take note as well, these prizes are ON TOP of the referral income that you will earn for your referrals! (For more information on referral income, please read our ultimate referral handbook, “Best Practices for Referring Premium Access subscribers”, which you can find in the “Main Page” of your account when you login to PinoyInvestor.)


The Awesome FREE Prizes

If you reach the required number of Referral Points, you stand to win these awesome prizes for FREE:

  • iPhone 5S
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • iPad with Retina display
  • iPad Mini
  • Ayala / SM / Sodexho / SSI Purple Card gift certificates
  • 4-Month Premium Access subscription to PinoyInvestor!

Remember: this is NOT a contest where only one person will win; ALL of you can win ALL these prizes as long as you reach the required number of Referral Points!


How it Works

First, make sure you have gotten hold of your PinoyInvestor affiliate link. You can find it in the Members Area, under the Affiliate Info>Get affiliate banners and links tab (If you haven’t signed up yet to PinoyInvestor, please SIGN UP here so you can immediately get your own affiliate link!).

Next, promote this link via email, Facebook, Twitter, everywhere! If you need help referring Premium Access subscribers, check out our ultimate referral handbook, “Best Practices for Referring Premium Access subscribers”, which you can find in the “Main Page” of the Members Area.

Whenever a new Premium Access member signs up on PinoyInvestor using your link, you get to earn Referral Points which you can exchange for gadgets and other giveaways! The Referral Points depend on the Premium Access subscription of your referred member:

  • 4-Month Discounted Premium Access subscription – four (4) Referral Points
  • Monthly Premium Access subscription – one (1) Referral Point

For example, if you were able to refer five (5) new members who each availed of the 4-Month Discounted Premium Access subscription, you get to earn 4 Referral Points x 5 members = 20 Referral Points!

You are now eligible to use these 20 Referral Points to avail of a PHP 2,500 SM Gift Certificate! That’s already an instant prize that you can get — NO RAFFLE, NO RANDOM WINNER!

As you can see, the more new Premium Access members you refer, the more Referral Points you earn!

Once you’ve reached the required number of Referral Points, you can exchange them for the gadgets or gift certificates below:


Prizes and Referral Points Matrix

PinoyInvestor Referral Giveaway

Additional Giveaway Mechanics

  1. The Ultimate PinoyInvestor Year-End Gadget Giveaway only counts NEW or First-Time referrals to a Premium Access subscription. Repeat referrals (from renewals of existing Premium Access subscribers) do NOT count in the tallying of referrals for this giveaway.
  2. A leaderboard of the top affiliate marketers and their respective Referral Points will be updated regularly and announced in the PinoyInvestor website.
  3. Affiliate marketers can use the leaderboard as a means to cross-check their own Referral Points. Members can compute their Referral Points manually using the information they can retrieve from their account dashboard. To do this, just login to PinoyInvestor and go to Affiliate Info > Review your affiliate statistics. From the period October 16 to December 15, multiply all your new 4-Month Premium Access referrals by 4 and add them to the number of your new Monthly Premium Access referrals to arrive at your Referral Points.
  4. The total Referral Points earned can be mixed and divided to match the desired giveaway prizes. For example, if the member earned 280 Referral Points throughout the giveaway duration, he/she can opt to get one Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB prize (worth 275 points) OR the combination of one iPad with Retina Display Wi-Fi- 16 GB (worth 200 points), one PHP 5,000 SM Gift Certificate (worth 40 points), and two PHP 2,500 Ayala Malls Gift Certificate (worth 20 points each).
  5. Affiliate marketers can also choose to get more than one quantity of each prize. For example, if an affiliate marketer earned 300 Referral points, he/she can opt to get two iPad Mini’s (worth 150 points each) instead of one iPhone 5S 16 GB (worth 275 points).
  6. The redemption period is from December 16-30, 2013. Those who have earned enough Referral Points must email support@pinoyinvestor.com indicating their full name, username, and preferred prize during the redemption period. PinoyInvestor may also contact eligible members to remind them about converting their Referral Points to prizes.
  7. Any Referral Points not used within this period will expire and any right to win prizes in this Giveaway will be forfeited.
  8. Prizes will be given to winning affiliate marketers via meet-up (in Metro Manila, if applicable) or courier (like LBC and JRS Express). The decision on the delivery method will be agreed by PinoyInvestor and the affiliate marketer.


Need Help Referring?

Need help referring Premium Access subscribers so you can take advantage of this giveaway? Just check out our ultimate referral handbook, “Best Practices for Referring Premium Access subscribers”, which you can find in the “Main Page” of your account when you login to PinoyInvestor.

This handbook contains the rules governing the PinoyInvestor Referral Income Program and more importantly, the Best Practices/Techniques that our top affiliates employ to earn thousands of pesos in PinoyInvestor referral income every month! Pick their brains, know their techniques, and apply them yourself so you can have lots of referral income AND win great prizes in the giveaway!


So, are you ready to win some awesome gadgets for FREE? Then what are you waiting for? Read the referral handbook, share your own affiliate link to all your social networks, and refer as many Premium Access subscribers as you can now!

Good luck and happy referring!