Special Report: How to Group PSE Stocks to Achieve your Investment Goals!


Pretty much all of the most intelligent investors in the world group stocks according to certain characteristics. The likes of Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch organize stocks into groups because this produces the following benefits:

  • By knowing which stocks are similar in company size and price movement, it helps investors achieve their Investment Objectives and Goals
  • It enables investors react faster to developments affecting certain stocks
  • It reveals to investors if their funds are being spread too thinly to too many stock categories

Thus, in the latest PinoyInvestor Stocks Report, we discussed six (6) groupings of Philippine stocks, based on the categorization developed by no less than renowned value investor Peter Lynch! Specifically, these six groupings are:

  • Slow-growth stocks
  • Stalwarts
  • High-growth stocks
  • Cyclicals
  • Turnarounds
  • Asset plays

These groups are categorized according to different Investment Objectives of investors. For example, aggressive investors looking for returns that outperform inflation should look to invest in High-growth stocks. Moreover, here in PinoyInvestor, we’ve already grouped those stocks for you as these correspond to our Growth/Value Stock Picks! (For more information on what Growth/Value Stock Picks and how to use, click here).

The same can be said about investors looking for stable (instead of aggressive) returns. Read more about it in the introduction to this Special Report below:

grouping 1 grouping 2

And as a FREEBIE to you, check out an example of a Slow-growth stock below!

grouping 3


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