What is PinoyInvestor?

What is PinoyInvestor?


PinoyInvestor is the ultimate resource for making smart stock investment decisions in the Philippines!

Why? Because it is the country’s most extensive source of stock market research, analyses, and reports – prepared by the Philippines’ top brokerage firms!

With PinoyInvestor, you get exclusive access — every day! — to an extensive amount of information for over 80++ PSE-traded stocks. These reports are prepared by PinoyInvestor’s partners, which are brokerage firms who have been in the stock market industry for a combined 100++ years!

PinoyInvestor consolidates and synthesizes all stock-related information and presents them to you in a concise, easy-to-understand way. The result?

A stock market information portal unmatched by any other resource for retail Filipino investors, which shows:

How can PinoyInvestor make me a smarter investor?

PinoyInvestor’s mission is to help Filipinos become intelligent, independent, and responsible stock investors and traders.

We recognize that each Filipino has his or her own investment objective which renders generic or standard advice, usually offered for free on the internet, inappropriate.

Our desire is for you to NOT simply and blindly follow self-proclaimed “stock gurus” (especially anonymous ones on Facebook) who might have a hidden agenda when making recommendations.

We do not want you boxed by other sources’ schemes (like dictated Buy Below Prices or forced Buy/Sell orders) because we understand that to be truly intelligent and independent, you must possess the flexibility to decide for yourself your desired profit percentage and entry/exit points.

In the end, to be a truly smart investor, you should possess the capability to make your own smart investment decisions.

How does PinoyInvestor achieve these?

By providing Filipinos with the undisputed, most extensive source of credible stock market research and analyses prepared by the top stock market brokerage firms in the Philippines!

We partnered not just with one, but several licensed stock brokerage firms in the country with decades of experience and expertise.


Who are PinoyInvestor's expert partner brokerage firms?

PinoyInvestor partners only with credible and registered stock market professionals in the Philippines.

Our current partners have a combined 100++ years (and counting!) of being in the Philippine stock market industry and have gone through all several boom and busts cycles. They are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).

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We do not partner with anonymous entities on Facebook whom you do not know, cannot contact, or have no proven track record. As a result, we offer you comprehensive, credible, and exclusive research reports and analyses of Philippine stocks!

How useful are PinoyInvestor reports?

We’d rather let our special reports, dealing with the performance of our partner brokers’ recommendations, do the talking. So head over to our Performance Reports to see how PinoyInvestor has helped (and is helping) thousands of Filipino investors make profitable and intelligent stock market decisions!