Using PinoyInvestor for Short-Term Trading

PinoyInvestor For Short-Term Traders

Are you a trader interested to make money from short-term stock price fluctuations? You can focus and leverage on these PinoyInvestor content to help you make intelligent stock investment decisions:

  • Technicals Talk
  • Stock Rankings (Mid- and Small-Cap stocks)
  • Daily Market Outlook

These PinoyInvestor sections are primarily based on Technical Analysis and, as such, may only be relevant to short-term traders. (Learn more about Technical Analysis in the PinoyInvestor Academy.) Check out each section below for more details on how you can use PinoyInvestor to succeed as a short-term trader!

Long-term investors may also consider these sections but should remember that these information are primarily short-term in nature and may not necessarily impact their long-term investing strategy.

Technicals Talk
Technicals Talk

The Technicals Talk section summarizes our partner brokers’ technical analysis – including support, resistances, patterns, etc. – of select PSE stocks. Technical Analysis relies on trends and price movements and is typically used for short-term trading.

Again, if you’re a purely long-term investor, take note: You should not be even looking at the Technicals Talk section. As we have always explicitly stated, this section is only for people with a short-term trading orientation (i.e., daily or weekly trading activity) and it obviously does not coincide with long-term investing objectives!

Here’s an example of one of our Technicals Talk reports.

Stock Rankings
Stock Rankings

PinoyInvestor has grouped and ranked 80++ stocks into these sets of Stock Rankings which you can choose from:

  1. Mid-Cap Stock Rankings
  2. Small-Cap Stock Rankings
  3. Ranking of All Stocks.

1. Mid-Cap Stock Rankings include stocks with market capitalization between PHP 40 billion and PHP 100 billion. Mid-Cap stocks are right in between Large-Cap and Small-Cap stocks and tend to be riskier than large-caps but less volatile than small-cap stocks.

2. Our Small-Cap Stock Rankings is comprised of stocks with market capitalization of less than PHP 40 billion. Small-Cap stocks could soon grow to become Mid-Cap or Large-Cap stocks, providing huge upsides in profit, but they are also more volatile and carry additional risk. If you’re willing to take in more risk in exchange for a possible huge price appreciation, Small-Cap stocks may be for you. Historically, this type of stocks outperforms Large-cap and Mid-Cap stocks during bullish market periods but, in recession, they also get beaten the most.

3. The Rankings of All Stocks list all stocks covered in PinoyInvestor (over 80++!) according to alphabetical Stock Code. This is for those who want to see all of the Buy / Sell / Hold recommendations and Target Prices of all the stocks PinoyInvestor covers!

REMINDER! Our PSE index (PSEi) Stock Rankings and Large-Cap Stock Rankings are usually intended for long-term investors. For more details how long-term investors can benefit from PinoyInvestor, head over to Using PinoyInvestor for Long-Term Investing.

Daily Market Outlook

The Daily Market Outlook highlights our partner brokers’ Technical Analysis of the PSEi (showing its expected movement) for the coming days.

Which Investment Strategy is the Best?

Which Investment Strategy is the Best?

What you need to remember when using PinoyInvestor is this: different sections in PinoyInvestor serve DIFFERENT purposes which means they are for DIFFERENT types of investors. These sections have different requirements, time horizons, and Investment Strategies as summarized below.

Thus, the best strategy is the one that best suits your investment profile and risk tolerance! 

Section Time Horizon Personal Requirements Applicable Investment Strategies
PSEi and Large-Cap Stock Rankings Long-term (3-5 years or more) Patience Buy & Hold / Cost Averaging
Mid-Cap and Small-Cap Stock Rankings  Short-term (Daily / weekly / monthly) Risk-taking Market Timing
Stock in Focus Long-term (3-5 years or more) Patience Buy & Hold / Cost Averaging
Special Reports Long-term (3-5 years or more) Patience Buy & Hold / Cost Averaging
Technicals Talk Short-term (Daily / weekly / monthly) Trading Plan Market Timing
Daily Market Outlook Short-term (Daily / weekly) Trading Plan Market Timing

To learn how you can adopt the Buy & Hold, Cost Averaging, and Market Timing investment strategies, click the link and head over to the PinoyInvestor Academy.

Can I Use Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis Simultaneously?
Can I Use Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis Simultaneously?

PinoyInvestor Academy - Technical Analysis 1

Absolutely! Although short-term trading (using technical analysis) and long-term investing (using fundamental analysis) are seen by many as polar opposites, many market participants have experienced great success by combining these two strategies!

For example, investors who believe in fundamental analysts may also use technical trading techniques to figure out the best time to enter into an undervalued security. Using Fundamental Analysis, you can decide to buy a good, undervalued stock with high potential for profit. And yet by timing entry using technical analysis tools, you can greatly improve the gains on that chosen stock!

Meanwhile, some technical traders might also look at fundamentals to add strength to a technical signal. For example, if a sell signal is given through technical patterns and indicators, a technical trader might look to reaffirm his or her decision by looking at some key fundamental data. Oftentimes, having both the fundamentals and technicals on your side can provide the best-case scenario for a trade.

Use and choose a strategy that works for you!

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