Special Report: 2 PSE Stocks that could be Affected by US-China Trade War

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Our Partner Broker’s Recommendation

We believe the following two (2) companies can plow through the US-China trade war uncertainties. Due to expected market volatility, we recommend clients to BUY IN TRANCHES.

Stock Target Price Price Upside Remarks
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The potential tariff imposition resulting from the trade war between the US and China would only have a minimal effect of about 5% of the total revenues …..

2.????? (Only for Premium Access subscribers)

The company is operating solely in the PH, thus it is more insulated from geopolitical tensions…


Our Partner Broker’s Analysis

Why does the US-China trade war matter to the Philippines?

One issue that has certainly weighed on the financial markets has been the ongoing trade war between the US and China. Each positive development, such as the 90-day truce agreed upon during the G-20 meeting in Buenos Aires at the end of November, was greeted by a jump in the equities market. On the flipside, every hint of negative news has been greeted by a drop in major stock indices.

Putting aside the nuances of the trade war, local stock market investors need to understand that, until a final agreement is reached on or before the end of the 90-day truce, buying or selling stocks based on developments in the trade war is a high-risk decision.


Macroeconomic Effects

Bank of America Merrill Lynch has projected a continued…

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