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How useful are PinoyInvestor’s stock reports?

We could try convincing you with a lengthy explanation but instead, we’ll let our Performance Reports do the talking.

On a regular basis, we monitor and track our partner broker’s top picks, suggested model portfolios, and specific stock recommendations.  Check out the results below and see for yourself whether PinoyInvestor’s stock reports are indeed useful in helping you make smart investment decisions!

PinoyInvestor’s Latest Performance Reports 

Among the 90+ stocks included in PinoyInvestor’s coverage, here are the 10 best stocks that gained the highest growth rates from January to June 2015. Also, our grouping of Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) stocks outperformed all other groups, with a price change of +1.56%.

All our 5 model portfolios generated a gain in the past three months. The highest-gaining portfolio increased in value by 11.10%, — which means if an investor spent PHP 100,000 to invest in all stocks in that portfolio, that investment would now be worth PHP 111,100!

From January to March this year, our two (2) top stock picks booked 3-month profits of 18.79% and 4.27%, respectively! Awesome returns!


In the 1st half of 2014, PinoyInvestor’s PSEi Stock Rankings and Speculative Stock Rankings beat the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) by a mile! PinoyInvestor’s Top 10 PSEi Stocks recorded an average gain of +26.28% while the PSE index booked only a +16.21% increase!

Also check out below the specific performance reports of our partner stock brokers!

Performance Reports of our Partner Brokers