Special Report: Stock picks for savvy stock investors

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In this brand-new special report, our partner stockbroker (First Metro Securities) prepared four (4) sets of model portfolios — catering to various types of stock investors — which you can simply copy and follow depending on your investment goal and investment profile.

Are you a Value Play investor on the lookout for undervalued stocks with high income potential? We’ve got the portfolio for you.

Interested in yields that come in the form of dividends? We also have recommended stocks for Yield Seekers like you.

Betting on Unloved stocks, or those with potentially high earnings but are currently underrated by the market? Here are five (5) unloved stocks in the PSE.

Opting for blue chips? Ride the Momentum with High Growth stocks with High Price-to-Earnings ratio.

Whatever type of investor you may be, we’ve got the stock picks for you. To guide you in trading, we even provide below the support and resistance price guides and Target Price for each recommended stock!

Happy smart investing!



This model portfolio is comprised of well-established companies with sustained profitability and high earnings expectations. These stocks are characterized as having High Growth (EPS CAGR) and High Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratio.

The five (5) recommended stocks in this portfolio are:


Stock Screen #2: VALUE PLAY

This model portfolio is a collection of stocks that are undervalued by the market but able to
provide high return to shareholders. These stocks have low Price-to-Book and High Return on Equity (ROE).

The five (5) recommended “Value Play” stocks are:


Stock Screen #3: YIELD SEEKERS

Aside from stock price appreciation, these stocks can also generate above-average dividend yields. These stocks are characterized as having High Dividend Yields and High Dividend Coverage Ratio (DCR).

The five (5) recommended stocks for “Yield Seekers” are:


Stock Screen 4: UNLOVED

These stocks could potentially generate high earnings but are currently underrated by the market. These stocks are characterized as having High growth (EPS CAGR) and Low Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratio.

The five (5) so-called “Unloved Stocks” are:

Whatever type of investor you may be, we’ve got the stock picks for you. Happy smart investing!


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First Metro Securities
First Metro Securities

First Metro Securities is one of PinoyInvestor’s partners in delivering superior and reliable stock research reports that help Filipino investors make smart stock investing decisions! Learn more about them here.