Special Report: 10 Stock Picks in Preparation for COVID-19 Recovery

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Our Partner Broker’s Recommendation

Here are our top 10 stock recommendations in preparation for a potential economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. PLDT (TEL) PHP 1450.00 Telco Surge in data demand will fuel earnings; strong balance sheet; consistent dividend distribution
2. ??? ??? Banking Strong balance sheet along with strong presence in mobile banking
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4. ??? ??? ??? ???
5. ??? ??? ??? ???
6. ??? ??? ??? ???
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8. ??? ??? ??? ???
9. ??? ??? ??? ???
10. ??? ??? ??? ???


In addition to the 10 recommended stocks above, here are other names worth looking at.

1. ??? PHP 10.90 ???
2. ??? PHP 15.00 Has record order backlog and revenues could surge given a strong catch-up after lockdown
3. ??? PHP 22.88 Very attractive valuations and high dividend yield
4. ??? PHP 165.40 ???


Analysis of BANKING Sector

• Remained business-as-usual during ECQ
• Monetary policies (RRR and rate cuts) in place to support the industry
• Healthy balance sheet position, particularly the big banks will counter possible spike in bad loans

• Subdued credit growth
• Waived interests, fees, and charges to hurt revenues
• Branch banking operations are under skeletal workforce


Analysis of CONSUMER Sector

• Retailers of consumer staples will benefit from the initial panic buying
• Restaurant operators with strong food delivery presence – both for in-house and aggregators
• Stable prices of raw materials due to price freeze

• Forgone revenues from restaurant operators following the mall closures
• Companies with underdeveloped digital and delivery channels


Analysis of POWER Sector

• Set to recover once ECQ is lifted and businesses resume their operations
• More opportunities for expansion given the expected tighter power supply in the succeeding years

• 2020 bottomline dragged by the steep drop in power demand due to the shutdown of businesses during ECQ


Analysis of TELCO Sector

• Demand could be further magnified due to lockdown as users rely on internet connectivity
• Least affected by the coronavirus pandemic; fairly defensive in the short-term
• Consumers may be more inclined to use online services in the future to adapt with the “new normal”
• Need for network expansion to support capacity (e.g. new cell sites) and sustain demand is an opportunity

• Construction of telco infrastructure could be delayed due to the lockdown


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Unicapital Securities

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