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Why Analyzing Corporate Earnings is Important

How can corporate earnings performance help you decide which stocks to buy, sell, or hold?

You may not know it but stock analysts use historical performance to forecast a company’s future earnings. If the company performed below expectations, financial assumptions may be adjusted lower which could lead to a lower Target Price.

If a company performed above expectations, brokers may adjust upwards a company’s forecasted earnings which could increase the Target Price and upgrade the recommendation of a stock to a BUY.

So check out a company’s earnings and see our partner broker’s analysis if the company’s future earnings will be adjusted upwards or downwards and whether the stock’s Target Price will be retained, reduced, or increased.


Corporate Earnings Analysis and Forecasts

In the 1st Half (1H) of this year 2018, growth of the combined net income of the 43 companies in our basket was at 8%. The results were generally in line with our expectations.

For the rest of the year 2018, we expect…


Summary of Earnings Analysis

Here’s a list of companies whose Net Income was In-Line, Above, or Below the estimates of RCBC Securities.

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RCBC Securities

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