FREE Special Report: PGOLD added, EMP removed from PSEi (February 2017)

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Our Partner Broker’s Analysis

PGOLD to replace EMP in PSEi

Puregold PriceClub Inc. (PGOLD) will form part of the PSEi starting March 13, replacing Emperador (EMP).

The updated 30-company PSE index (PSEi) composition includes:

  1. AC
  2. AEV
  3. AGI
  4. ALI
  5. AP
  6. BDO
  7. BPI
  8. DMC
  9. EDC
  10. FGEN
  11. GLO
  12. GTCAP
  13. ICT
  14. JFC
  15. JGS
  16. LTG
  17. MBT
  18. MEG
  19. MER
  20. MPI
  21. PCOR
  22. PGOLD
  23. RLC
  24. SCC
  25. SECB
  26. SM
  27. SMC
  28. SMPH
  29. TEL
  30. URC

The bourse revisits the composition of the PSEi, along with the sectoral indices twice a year. The latest recomposition, which will take effect on March 13, reflects the results of the review covering trading activity from January to December 2016.

A listed company must meet the float requirement of 12%; belong to the upper 25% in terms of daily value per month; and rank among the 30 biggest in terms of market capitalization to qualify for inclusion in the PSEi.

As for the updated reserve list, it includes CEB; DD; DNL; RRHI; and VLL.

The PSE also announced the changes it will make in the sector indices.

AGF and APL will leave the Financials and Services indices, respectively, without replacement. In the Holding Firms counter, FDC will replace UNI.

The PSE will drop 5 companies from the Industrial index: CIC; DMPL; PSPC; and SFI.

The basket will include HLCM and VITA starting March 13.

ARA and PRMX, meanwhile, will bump off SUN in the Properties sector.

The Mining and Oil index will take in APX and drop OV and TAPET.

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