Special Report: Earnings Scorecard of 30 PSE Stocks (1st Half 2017)

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Why you must know this information

Stock analysts use historical performance to forecast a company’s future earnings. If the company’s earnings performed BELOW EXPECTATIONS, financial assumptions may be adjusted which could lead to a lower Target Price for that stock.

If a company performed ABOVE EXPECTATIONS, brokers may upgrade the recommendation and lead to a stock’s higher Target Price.

So check out a company’s past performance below if they were able to beat analyst estimates.


Our Partner Broker’s Analysis and Recommendation

The weighted average Earnings per Share (EPS) growth of the PSE index is 4.9% — a decline from the last quarter’s growth of 9.0%. Eight (8) companies missed estimates, while 17 are just in-line, while five (5) companies outperformed. Also, 13 or 43% of the 30 companies reported lower 2nd Quarter 2017 earnings as compared to last year of the same period.

With the index currently trading at a forward 2017 Price-Earnings Ratio (PER) of 19.2x coupled with the relatively disappointing earnings growth for the second quarter, we believe it might be hard to break the 8,100 resistance this year.


The Philippines’ 2nd Quarter 2017 GDP is set to be released tomorrow. The range of GDP estimates is at 6.2%-6.5%. We reiterate that any downside surprise may trigger a market correction, thus we recommend to accumulate these five (5) stocks (outside the index) that outperformed their 2nd Quarter 2017 estimates:

1. ? ? ?? ? (Buy, Target Price of PHP 11.60)

2. ? ? ? ? ? (Buy, Target Price: PHP 11.70)

3. ? ? ? ? ? (Buy, Target Price: PHP 6.10)

4. ? ? ? ? ? (Buy, Target Price: PHP 4.80)

5. ? ? ? ? ? (Buy, Target Price: PHP 37.00)



Click the image below to download the PDF file containing a summary of earnings performance of 30 PSEi stocks. The companies highlighted green in the “% of FY Estimate” column means they outperformed earnings expectations, while those highlighted red underperformed in terms of earnings expectations.

The report below also includes Buy / Hold / Sell recommendation for a stock and its Target Price.


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AP Securities (formerly Angping & Associates Securities)
AP Securities (formerly Angping & Associates Securities)

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