Profits/Gains of 10 Stocks Common in 12 Top PHL Investment Funds (June 2017)

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Back in February 2017, PinoyInvestor published an exclusive Premium Special Report showing the stocks owned by 12 top Mutual Funds and Unit Investment Trust Funds in the country.

The list summarized the Top 10 stocks common in the portfolio of these investment funds.

PinoyInvestor - Top Stock Holdings of Philippine Investment Funds



How is this useful to you as a stock investor?

Knowing what stocks are part of the portfolio of these funds, you can compare your own stock holdings and even adjust or imitate it.

In fact, if you simply copied that portfolio and invested in the Top 10 common stocks since the Special Report was posted, your portfolio would have gained +9.44% from February to June 2017!

Compare that with the performance of the Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) in the same period: +8.41%.

You would have outperformed the PSEi — which means you’d have been better off simply copying the portfolio of the Top Funds in the Philippines!

Here’s a summary of the returns of the 10 stocks common in the portfolio of these top funds in the Philippines!


Gains/Losses of 10 Stocks Common in Top 12 PHL Investment Funds

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Latest and Complete List — July 2017 Update

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