Performance Report: Property Stock Picks surge 10.5% while PSEi grew by only 0.1%

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We don’t want to brag so we’ll just let the numbers below speak for themselves. Check out the 9-month performance, from end-January to end-October 2019, of the Property Stock Picks created by our partner stockbroker RCBC Securities.

Property Stock Picks of RCBC Securities vs. PSEi
Stock Picks Price on 30 Jan 2019 Price on 29 Oct 2019 9-Month Gain %
Vista Land & Lifescapes (VLL) PHP 5.84 PHP 7.68 +31.51%
Robinsons Land Corp. (RLC) PHP 22.60 PHP 25.80 +14.16%
Ayala Land Inc (ALI) PHP 43.75 PHP 49.00 +12.00%
Filinvest Land Inc. (FLI) PHP 1.46 PHP 1.60 +9.59%
SM Prime Holdings (SMPH) PHP 38.10 PHP 39.00 +2.36%
Megaworld Corp. (MEG) PHP 5.17 PHP 4.84 -6.38%
AVERAGE GAIN of RCBC Securities' Property Stock Picks +10.54%
vs. GAIN of PSEi >>>>> >>>>> +0.14%

The 9-month gain of our partner broker RCBC Securities’ Property Stock Picks was +10.54% while the PSEi grew by a paltry +0.14% in the same period. That’s a crazy 75x outperformance than the PSEi!


Recap: Property Stock Picks Special Report

Back in January 2019, we published this Special Report prepared by our partner broker RCBC Securities, focusing on the Property Sector. Here’s an excerpt from this Special Report:

“The potential for property price appreciation seems to remain attractive. The BSP’s latest report showed that the 3rd Quarter 2018 residential real estate price index of condominiums grew 6%. Factoring in the potential property price appreciation, we believe that real estate investments still look attractive, although not as much as it was a year ago when interest rates were lower.

Recommended Property Stocks and Target Prices:

1. Ayala Land Inc. (ALI) – Buy, Target Price of PHP 50.12

2. Filinvest Land Inc. (FLI) – Buy, Target Price of PHP 2.14

3. Megaworld Corp. (MEG) – Buy, Target Price of PHP 6.05

4. Robinsons Land Corp. (RLC) – Buy, Target Price of PHP 26.68

5. SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SMPH) – Buy, Target Price of PHP 44.67

6. Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. (VLL) – Buy, Target Price of PHP 7.94”

Read the full report here: Property Stocks Update and Target Prices for ALI, FLI, MEG, RLC, SMPH, VLL

Special Report: Property Stocks Update and Target Prices for ALI, FLI, MEG, RLC, SMPH, VLL

As seen in the Performance table above, the 9-month average gain of RCBC Securities’ Property Stock Picks is an astounding +10.54% — way, way better and much, much higher than the return of the PSEi in the same period which is just +0.14%!

With a massive 75x outperformance, these Property stock picks are beating and trouncing the PSEi hands down!

This is how we make PinoyInvestor members like you smart and happy — by giving exclusive access to stock trading reports that can help you make money. Hope this helps convince you to use PinoyInvestor reports to make profitable trades.

What are the new Target Prices of the recommended property stocks? Should you continue to Buy, Hold, or Sell them? Rely on the following brand-new Premium-exclusive reports to be ahead of other Pinoy investors!

Happy smart investing!

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