Performance Report: Top Stock Picks of AB Capital Securities (Jan-Dec 2016)

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Exactly a year ago, in January 2016, we brought you an exclusive Top Stock Picks Special Report prepared by one of our partner stock brokerage companies, AB Capital Securities.

So how did their stock picks perform in 2016? Let’s find out!

Despite the very rocky performance of the stock market last year, if you followed the stock picks right after you saw the report in PinoyInvestor and held on to them until the end of 2016, you would have gained +12.77%.

That’s a higher return compared to the measly +5.12% performance of the Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) in the same period!

Simply speaking, these stock picks earned MORE THAN DOUBLE the PSEi in 2016!

Take a look below at how the stock picks of our partner broker AB Capital Securities performed from January 27 to December 29, 2016.

FREE Performance Report- Top Stock Picks of AB Capital Securities (2016)


Stock Picks Performance Report
 Stock CodeCompanyPrice Gain %
7BDOBanco de Oro13.06%
8RLCRobinsons Land6.12%
Average Return ofStock Picks12.77%
Return ofPSEi5.12%


Summary of this Performance Report

1. Four (4) stocks had price increases of at least +20%; three (3) of them had HUGE gains higher than +30%!

The top stock price gainer was Security Bank (SECB) with returns of +36.59%.

This was followed by ?????, ?????, and ?????, which also saw huge price increases of +35.65%, +33.66%, and +21.57% respectively.


2. You would have earned MORE THAN DOUBLE the PSEi if you followed these Stock Picks!

From January 27 to December 29, the PSEi increased by just +5.12%.

In contrast, our exclusive “Top Stock Picks by AB Capital Securities” outperformed the PSEi — generating MUCH HIGHER GAINS of +12.77%!


3. Most Stock Picks beat the PSEi on their own!

The stock picks may have had a couple of stocks with negative returns, but the average return of all Stock Picks still MORE THAN DOUBLED the return of the PSEi. That’s a testament to how strongly these stock picks performed.

In fact, 9 of the 13 Stock Picks gave PinoyInvestor’s Premium Access members gains higher than +5.12% — easily beating the PSEi on their own!


This is how we make PinoyInvestor members like you smart, happy, and profitable — by giving you exclusive access to stock reports that put you ahead of other investors.

Don’t you think it’s time now to get full Premium Access this 2017?

Happy smart investing!


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