Performance Report: Top Stock Picks by Sector (by Unicapital Securities)

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Last January 2019, we brought you an exclusive Top Stock Picks by Sector special report prepared by our partner brokerage company Unicapital Securities.

Did you know that if you followed the stock picks and bought the recommended stocks right after you saw the report in PinoyInvestor, you would have booked an average gain of 5.67%?

It probably sounds small, but that’s a higher return compared to the meager 1.55% performance of the Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) in the same period!

Take a look below at the performance of the stock picks of our partner broker Unicapital Securities from January to July 2019.


Top Stock Picks Performance Report
SectorJan 9, 2019 Stock PriceJuly 8, 2019 Stock PricePrice Gain (Loss) %
Cement Stock PicksAverage Return>>>>>25.24%
Property Stock PicksAverage Return>>>>>21.75%
Consumer Stock PicksAverage Return>>>>>19.99%
Gaming Stock PicksAverage Return>>>>>14.34%
Telco Stock PicksAverage Return>>>>>7.69%
GLO 1,930.00 2,196.00 13.78%
TEL 1,186.00 1,205.00 1.60%
Infra Stock PicksAverage Return>>>>>2.35%
Banking Stock PicksAverage Return>>>>>0.53%
Power Stock PicksAverage Return>>>>>0.11%
Oil Stock PicksAverage Return>>>>>-10.21%
Industrial Stock PicksAverage Return>>>>>-32.24%
Average Returnof Stock Picks>>>>>5.67%
vs. PSEi's Performance>>>>>>>>>>1.55%


Key take-aways from this Performance Report

1. Cement Sector stock picks are the best performing, beating all sectors with a 25.24% GAIN!

2. Property Sector stock picks were not that far behind, booking an average GAIN of 21.75%!

3. Cemex Holdings Philippines (CHP) was the best performing stock among the Top Stock Picks, rising by a whopping 48.10% in just 6 months!

This is how we make PinoyInvestor members like you smart, happy, and profitable, by giving you exclusive access to stock reports that place you ahead of the market and other investors.

Happy smart investing!


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Unicapital Securities

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