Performance Report: Property Sector Stock Picks Grow 10%, Beat PSEi

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How useful are PinoyInvestor’s Stock Picks special reports? Check out the 3-month performance below of the Property Stock Picks made by our partner stockbrokers RCBC Securities and AP Securities.


Property Stock Picks of RCBC Securities vs. PSEi

Stock Picks Price on 30 Jan 2019 Price on 29 Apr 2019 3-Month Gain %
Vista Land & Lifescapes (VLL) PHP 5.84 PHP 7.40  +26.71%
Ayala Land Inc (ALI) PHP 43.75 PHP 48.55  +10.97%
Robinsons Land Corp. (RLC) PHP 22.60 PHP 24.60  +8.85%
Megaworld Corp. (MEG) PHP 5.17 PHP 5.57  +7.74%
SM Prime Holdings (SMPH) PHP 38.10 PHP 40.50  +6.30%
Filinvest Land Inc. (FLI) PHP 1.46 PHP 1.52  +4.11%
AVERAGE GAIN  of RCBC Securities' Property Stock Picks +10.78%
vs. LOSS of PSEi >>>>>  >>>>> -1.04%


Property Stock Picks of AP Securities vs. PSEi

Stock Picks Price on 28 Jan 2019 Price on 27 Apr 2019 3-Month Gain %
DM Wenceslao Inc. (DMW) PHP 9.00 PHP 11.08  +23.11%
Ayala Land Inc (ALI) PHP 44.20 PHP 48.50  +9.73%
Megaworld Corp. (MEG) PHP 5.29 PHP 5.55  +4.91%
SM Prime Holdings (SMPH) PHP 39.95 PHP 40.90  +2.38%
AVERAGE GAIN  of AP Securities' Property Stock Picks  +10.03%
vs. LOSS of PSEi >>>>>  >>>>> -2.30%


Property Stock Picks Special Reports (Published last January 2019)

Back in January 2019, we published two (2) Stock Picks Special Reports focusing on the Property Sector. Here are excerpts from these Special Reports:

Special Report #1 by RCBC Securities: Property Stocks Update and Target Prices for ALI, FLI, MEG, RLC, SMPH, VLL (Published on Jan. 30, 2019)

The potential for property price appreciation seems to remain attractive. The BSP’s latest report showed that the 3rd Quarter 2018 residential real estate price index of condominiums grew 6%. Factoring in the potential property price appreciation, we believe that real estate investments still look attractive, although not as much as it was a year ago when interest rates were lower.

Recommended Property Stocks and Target Prices:

1. Ayala Land Inc. (ALI) – Buy, Target Price of PHP 50.12

2. Filinvest Land Inc. (FLI) – Buy, Target Price of PHP 2.14

3. Megaworld Corp. (MEG) – Buy, Target Price of PHP 6.05

4. Robinsons Land Corp. (RLC) – Buy, Target Price of PHP 26.68

5. SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SMPH) – Buy, Target Price of PHP 44.67

6. Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. (VLL) – Buy, Target Price of PHP 7.94

As you can see from the first Performance table above, the 3-month average gain of RCBC Securities’ Property Stock Picks is +10.78% — way, way better than and definitely outperforming the Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) which even incurred a loss of -1.04% during the same period!

Special Report #2 by AP Securities: Property Stocks Outlook, with Target Prices for MEG, SMPH, DMW, ALI (Published on Jan. 26, 2019)

We expect demand from Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) to be one of the key drivers of office space demand this year.

Hence, we expect MEG (Buy, Target Price: PHP 5.70), as the biggest office land lord to benefit.

Further, given the rosy prospects for the Bay Area, we believe that DMW (Buy, Target Price: PHP 19.00) will also benefit from rising property values.

We also expect a boost from other property developers such as SMPH (Buy at Lower Levels, Target Price: P40.00) and ALI (Buy, PHP 51.60) as they expand in the Bay Area.

Looking at the second Performance table above, we can see that the 3-month average gain of AP Securities’ Property Stock Picks is +10.03% — beating the performance of the Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) which lost -2.30% during the same period!

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