Performance Report: Model Portfolios of First Metro Securities (May 2017)

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For several months now, our partner stockbroker First Metro Securities (a subsidiary of Metrobank) have been issuing an exclusive set of four (4) model portfolios which cannot be found anywhere else.

These model portfolios correspond to various types of Filipino investors — ranging from those wanting to invest in underrated companies to those looking to buy only highly dependable stocks.

Thus, whatever type of stock investor you are, there surely is a model stock portfolio for you!

But are these model portfolios able to deliver concrete profits to investors?

The short answer: YES!

Take a look at how these four (4) model portfolios performed in the first five months of the year, that is, from January to May 2017.


Profit Performance of First Metro Securities’ Model Portfolios


Summary of this Performance Report

1. Among the four suggested portfolios, the “Riding the Momentum” stock portfolio rose the most, up +13.13%, from January to May 2017. That means if you invested P100,000 in this portfolio from the start of the year, your money is now worth P113,130.

What is the “Riding the Momentum” stock portfolio?

This model portfolio is comprised of well-established companies with sustained profitability and high earnings expectations. These stocks are characterized as having High Growth (EPS CAGR) and High Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratio.


2. Trailing close behind is the  “Unloved” portfolio which generated +13.10% profits during the same 5-month period. With this portfolio, your P100,000 could now be worth P113,100.

What is the “Unloved” stock portfolio?

This portfolio is a collection of stocks that could potentially generate high earnings but are currently underrated by the market. These stocks are characterized as having High growth (EPS CAGR) and Low Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratio.


3. The next best performing model portfolio is the “Value Play” portfolio, whose value increased by +11.87% from January to May this year. Translating it into monetary terms, your P100,000 would have increased to P111,870 with this portfolio in just five months.

What is the “Value Play” stock portfolio?

This model portfolio is a collection of stocks that are undervalued by the market but able to provide high return to shareholders. These stocks have low Price-to-Book and High Return on Equity (ROE).


4. Lastly, the “Yield Seekers” portfolio also generated above-average returns, growing by +10.57% during the first five months of the year. This means your P100,000 investment grew to P110,570 with this stock portfolio.

What is the “Yield Seekers” stock portfolio?

While stocks in this portfolio can also generate profits from stock price appreciation, these stocks also deliver above-average dividend yields. These stocks are characterized as having High Dividend Yields and High Dividend Coverage Ratio (DCR).


Our Partner Broker’s Recommendation

So how to continue profiting using these exclusive set of recommended model stock portfolios?

Make sure you are updated with the latest rebalancing and revisions of these 4 portfolios.

So if you want to find out the complete composition of the 4 model portfolios, or if you simply want to know how stock portfolios can be an important component of your investing strategy, head over to our Stock Picks and Model Portfolios section right now!

Stock Picks and Model Portfolios

Happy smart investing!


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