10 stocks common in portfolio of 14 top PHL Investment Funds (July 2017)

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What this Special Report is about

This exclusive Premium Special Report shows the stocks owned by fourteen (14) Mutual Funds and Unit Investment Trust Funds in the Philippines.

How can this information help you?

Knowing which stocks are included in the portfolio of these investment funds, you can compare your own stock holdings and make adjustments, if necessary.

We also summarize the Top 10 stocks that frequently appeared in the portfolio of these funds so you can simply copy them if you wish.

That makes the investing decision a lot easier for you!


10 Stocks Common in the Portfolio of Investment Funds

Here are the Top 10 stocks that were common in the portfolio of the top 14 investment funds.

There must be a reason why these funds are buying and holding these stocks!


Mutual Funds and Unit Investment Trust Funds analyzed in this Special Report

PinoyInvestor - Top Stock Holdings of Philippine Investment Funds 2017


Stock Holdings of Top Mutual Funds and Unit Investment Trust Funds in the Philippines

Here’s a listing of the stock holdings of each of the 14 investment funds in the country.

1. BDO Equity Fund

BDO Equity Fund% of this stock in total portfolio


2. BPI ALFM Growth Fund


3. BPI Philippine Stock Index Fund


4. BPI Odyssey Philippine Equity Fund


5. BPI Odyssey Philippine High Conviction Equity Fund


6. BPI Equity Value Fund


7. Metrobank Metro Equity Fund


8. Philam Strategic Growth Fund


9. Philequity Fund


10. Philequity PSE Index Fund


11. Philequity Dividend Yield Fund


12. Security Bank SB Peso Equity Fund


13. First Metro Save and Learn Equity Fund


14. Sunlife Philippine Equity Fund


We hope that you’d find this Special Report a useful resource in making your own investment decisions!


You should not blindly follow the portfolios above. A true smart PinoyInvestor analyzes information before making any investment decision. Take time to do an extensive assessment of your investment objective and investing strategy prior to implementing any investment action.

Happy smart investing!



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