See the 9M 2013 Corporate Earnings’ growth of your stocks!

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Did the companies of the stocks you own grow their earnings as of end-September 2013? By how much? Should you hold them or buy some other stocks with higher 9M 2013 earnings growth?

These questions are what the latest PinoyInvestor Midweek Report helps answer for you! In our latest Midweek Report, one of our expert partner brokers, Angping & Associates Securities, Inc. (AASI), shares with you the 9M 2013 Corporate Earnings of the 59 stocks they cover.

In their report, AASI breaks down all the 9M 2013 earnings reports and presents to you the following valuable earnings information about each stock:

  • 6M 2013 year-on year (YoY) Earnings per Share (EPS) growth
  • 9M 2013 YoY EPS growth
  • Rank in terms of 9M 2013 YoY EPS growth
  • Main reasons for 9M 2013 performance

As a freebie in this post, we’re sharing with you 1.5 pages out of this 7 page-report for FREE! Check it out below:

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Aside from the 9M 2013 Corporate Earnings, the latest Midweek Report also contains the following sections:

  • Brokers’ Analysis: ‘Tis the Season for Buying – Find out why AASI believes that it is time to again buy more PSE stocks!
  • Corporate News and Disclosures – The latest important news about PSE-listed firms!
  • Technicals Talk  – See the Technical Analysis for FPH, ALI, and JFC (FREE!)

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