Which PinoyInvestor Stock Pick GAINED almost 10% in just ONE WEEK?

rise 10 percent

Despite the further decline of the stock market last week, a PinoyInvestor Speculative Stock Pick gained almost 10%! Care to guess which stock it was? Here are some clues to help you:

  • Its exact stock price increase last week was 9.75%.
  • It is garnering success in the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) initiatives of the government.
  • It is in the construction industry.

Scroll down to know the answer!




The answer is:


Megawide Construction Corporation (MWIDE)!

From its closing price of PHP 11.28 last December 6, MWIDE closed at PHP 12.38 last December 13 for a rise in stock price of 7.5%! See it featured in the latest Stocks Report (and our previous analysis of the construction industry’s post-Yolanda rise) below:

mwide 1

It has also won several PPP bids, with the latest one being the Mactan-Cebu International Airport Modernization and Expansion project. Together with GMR Infrastructure Ltd., their consortium offered the highest of PHP 14.4 billion to win the bid and best other consortiums! See our feature on this big MWIDE news in one page of the latest Stock Report’s Corporate News section below:

mwide 2

Congratulations to the PinoyInvestor Premium Access members who had MWIDE on their portfolio! Truly, there will still be money to be made even on a declining stock market.

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